In God We Trust and Ride

40 Day for Life Campaign 

26 Feb - 5 April 2020

We’re fighting to defend the lives of all unborn babies,

join our fight with prayer.  


Join us for 1hr Prayers Every Sunday from 9am to 6pm in front of Planned Parenthood (Abortion Clinic) on Missouri  

(Pro-life) Bike Run 

Ride for life - From Santa Teresa to Las Alas 

2020, date to be announces 3pm-5pm

Annual "Way of the Cross" Bike Run

April 4th, 2020 @ St Pius X Catholic Church

We will begin promptly at 8am, Please arrive early.

Our Bike Run will consist of 14 stops at Catholic Parishes within the El Paso Area. 


This is a 92 mile commemoration of Jesus Christ's last day on earth as a man. 


Hope you join us and make this day a day of prayer.  

Knight on Bikes-International 2021 May, 2021


Silver Rose Transfer Dates:

2020 Schedule

Rout 1

Pending Dates

Route 7

Pending Dates



One Life One Rose

Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose Program

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